School Start Times & Aftercare

Note: School start and end times, and Aftercare times for 2020-2021 school year are pending possible modified attendance schedule based on final public health guidance. 

Previous (2019-2020) School Start & End Times:

TK & Kindergarten

  • 8:20am Start
  • 1:10pm Regular Dismissal
  • 12:10pm Early Dismissal

1st Grade

  • 8:10am Start
  • 2:40pm Regular Dismissal
  • 12.20pm Early Dismissal

2nd-4th Grades

  • 8:00am Start
  • 2:50pm Regular Dismissal
  • 12:30pm Early Dismissal

5th Grades

  • 8:00am Start
  • 3:00pm Regular Dismissal
  • 12:30pm Early Dismissal

6th-8th Grades

  • 8:00am Start
  • 3:10pm Regular Dismissal
  • 12:30pm Early Dismissal

Wednesday is REACH’s early dismissal day



1:10 -5:30 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
12:30 – 5:30 Wednesday

REACH After Care Vision Statement
Allowing our hearts to guide us.
Striving to understand the children’s motivation’s and see them for who they are.
Cultivating open communication and collaboration with Reach Staff.
Implementing the foundations for a positive discipline program at After Care.
Helping provide opportunities for children to pursue their passions and nurture their potential.
Offering opportunities for kids to explore creatively and connect with nature.

 2018-19 Fee Schedule-After School

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