Weekly Newsletter April 2nd, 2017
Welcome back from Spring Break! 
Upcoming Events: 
Greetings REACH Community! THE SHORT: Beginning Friday, April 7th, regular Friday Evening Social Gatherings in the Multi-Purpose Room or Amphitheater as weather allows!  THE LONG: My favorite part of being in this lovely community has always been the people. Teachers, staff, parents, students, all creating, maintaining and growing a school together. We've had some transitions this year, location, drop-off stylings, continuity of events... And! I am deeply excited to be here with you all. This year we've successfully secured our own autonomous space, had our charter renewed with Sebastopol School District, and have funds to create new programs and site improvements! In essence, the freedom and opportunity to continue to build this vision of a school that values active play and active learning! What else do we need? Moments to come together. Soooo, let's get to some FUN RAISING as well! I'm proposing a program of regular Friday evening events on campus. This can be movies, board game nights, parent led crafts or discussion topics (e.g. what do you do for screen time? what programs/otherwise do you find appropriate and productive?). I'd also love to bring some of my Art/Science activities I've been doing at SSU (that kept me way too busy last semester to be my social host self) and share them with the community. Your ideas are welcome and encouraged! I'm volunteering to host some AND be a hub. I'll propose things and give you reasons to come, but if you've got something you think would be fun to do together on a Friday evening, send me an e-mail and we'll figure out how to put them on the Calendar. WHEN: Friday evenings. Our first event will be April 7th at 6PM. I'll come prepared to lead "Light Painting" (long exposure pictures with flashlights, lasers, and glow in the dark objects) and will bring board games and a kid friendly movie if people like. LOCATION: Reach campus. In the Multi-purpose room. We can borrow a projector from the office. WHAT DO BRING: Nothing needed. Light painting involves a free AP for your phone. Other than that, maybe bring something to share, cocoa and popcorn would be great! But ZERO MONEY! This is about FUN RAISING. Let's keep building the school together. Be well, be you! Russ Scarola (Jenner's Dad and RPF Board Member) P.S. Another thing I'll be leading after school some Wednesdays is disc golf or other games. I have donated a disc golf basket to the school for P.E. and Aftercare. We started before break and it was a hit. (BEWARE THE GLIDES OF MARCH!)! Let me know if you're interested in coming out to play with us.

Art Class An exciting new class in Drawing with Ink is being offered at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts by old time Reach teacher, Sarah Voorhies

This 8 week series will explore drawing with both black and colored inks on paper. Using India ink, sepia and ink washes as well as Chinese colored inks with grinding stones and a variety of brushes and pens, participants will learn and experiment with techniques including stippling, cross hatching and line drawing. Subject matter will include free form warm up exercises, still lives, working from nature on a small and large scale and abstractions. 

This class is good for young artists beginning to explore the possibilities of ink work as well as those experienced and wanting more!

Monday afternoons, 3:30-5:00, April 17-June 5.

$200 for the full 8 weeks, plus modest supply fee

Painting/Drawing/Weaving Room

For more info or to register contact Sarah at 544.3730 or sarahvoor@aol.com

News from our Teachers
Paper Airplane fun at snack time! 
2nd/3rd Grade -Kristi McCullough The Indigo Alicorns are enjoying the beautiful weather and new sand in the yard! Here is a photo of a collaborative effort to create a large volcano and use water for lava. It has been such a wonderful addition to recess to have new sand and a large container of sand toys- thank you to our director, Cheryl!
Also, the students are wrapping up their space unit by creating space crafts and landing them on a sea of Oobleck. They recorded if their crafts would float, sink, fall over, get stuck, and fall apart after they land. They used this data to create another craft with materials that work best in relationship to Oobleck. Furthermore, students recorded if their crafts will take off without any evidence of oobleck on the materials or not. This has been an exciting investigation into the properties of oobleck and the materials we are using to test our hypotheses.
This semester we have a reading assistant in our classroom on Mondays and Fridays. Thank you Ava! Coming up, we have our last IOOBY adventure on April 25th to Bayer Farm.