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Virtual Information Night

What is Project-Based Learning?Gold-standard PBL creates meaningful contexts that engage students in owning their education. Instead of a project to demonstrate learning, PBL is the method by which students learn.What does Positive Discipline mean?Positive Discipline is a solutions-focused approach to social interactions that supports adults and students in reflection and repair.What is Mindset Mathematics?Many people […]


Put Your Own Mask On First: Reducing Parent Anxiety

Navigating the world of conscientious parenting can be complex and distressing as we are overloaded with information about all that can go wrong and expected to be able to prevent them from happening. Dealing with a global pandemic, distance learning, and now a return to in person school can feel like an insurmountable task even […]

Free – $20.00

Managing Anxiety in Uncertain Times: Turning Challenges into Resiliency

Naturally, every good parent wants to do all they can to help their children thrive. For many, the past year of sheltering in place, distance learning, and now re-engaging with society has made our attempts to help our children thrive significantly more challenging. Join us for an evening workshop that will encourage us all to […]

Free – $20.00