Parent Leadership

A number of studies have made it clear that parent leadership is a key component to any successful school. Students with parents who participate in volunteer opportunities at the school actually experience an academic boost. To that end, REACH works to bring parents on campus, and into leadership as often as possible.

Our governing board is a Parent Board, parents often partner with teachers to bring a range of professional skills into the classroom and to chaperone our educational adventures from day trips to the coast, to multi-night adventures to Ashland and beyond.  Volunteering builds strong relationships amongst the parents and is not only personally and socially rewarding for adults, but also extends the social safety net for all student

Every Student Deserves to Know They Belong

A secure student is a learning student

Our program has always been rooted in the value of belonging. Once a REACH kid, always a REACH kid. Students understand belonging not by being told they belong, but participating in a school culture that respects who they are, as they are, and asks of them to do the same with everyone else at school. We don’t all have to be best friends, but we all belong at REACH.

Belonging to a community doesn’t require perfection, just connection.

Students know they belong because the adults around them hold them to standards that we as a learning community know they can meet, even if the students themselves sometimes don’t. By valuing mistakes and different ways of seeing a problem, students can release the shame that often keeps a student from trying in other contexts.  As adults in the community, REACH Staffulty model making mistakes and recovering or repairing so students can see what is expected of them.


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