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The REACH School is a creative, liberal arts school that supports the emerging child in becoming a whole person. We have a strong and diverse parent body that actively drives our school forward and skilled, creative staff who keep things running smoothly.

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Learn About Project Based Learning (PBL)

REACH has been at the forefront of project-based learning since its inception. We believe that a well designed project, with well defined driving questions motivates students to engage with their learning. Students at REACH don’t just learn static facts or learn how to learn, they learn the power of their own curiosity.

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REACH's Most Valuable Assests

REACH teachers are at the core of our education program. Skilled in not just working with children, REACH teachers are effective leaders in the school, helping to create a unified and compelling elementary education. In addition, they understand the needs of parents and keep the lines of communication between school and home open. Learn more about our teachers!

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If you’d like to learn about open houses, personal tours, or to speak with our staff to learn more about the REACH school, please give us your name and email address so we can let you know when REACH events take place!

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