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Theater and Music

High School Drama

What does it take to run a theater company? What elements need to come together to put on a show from concept to final bow?  Our students will embark on the journey learning all the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the menial and magnanimous tasks that go into running a theater and bringing a show to life.  We will work on acting techniques and script digestion.  We will design sets, costumes, props, and sound. We will budget out our time, expenses, and other resources in order to bring our vision to fruition. I am excited to be a field guide, director, and mentor to what I am sure will be an amazing group of young adults.

Drama for 4th through 7th. 

How was your day?…It was “fine”… How are you?….I’m “ok”… 

Sometimes we want to connect more but do not have the words or bandwidth to express or digest the emotions and events of the day.  Character studies and script breakdowns give young actors an external source where they can break down actions, outcomes, internal and external motivators, specific feelings, and an avenue to express them in a safe, nurturing, and exploratory environment. Theater allows actors to be vulnerable while having the safety of a script to feel shielded.  Theatre creates a space to be silly, weird, serious, scared and everything in between.  At a time of life when these students are straddling the line between childhood whimsy and teenage independence, theater creates a space for both/and, not either/or.  This class will breathe new life into our students and hopefully give them the confidence to how their day was with more than just “fine.”

Music (K-8)

How do you express your feelings when words are hard to find or not enough? Music is a universal language that can calm undefinable anxiety, express undefinable joy, and hit all the notes between.  In this music class, we will spend time exploring instruments, singing, dancing, learning music theory, sight reading, and allowing music to influence other means of creative expression.  

Cooking Courses

K-3: Kitchen Skills

In Cori’s Kitchen, younger kids will have the opportunity to explore and taste a variety of healthy & fun recipes while learning about cooking skills like cutting and measuring, as well as getting a look into the origins of the foods we eat! We can’t wait to invite guest teachers to show us some of their favorite recipes, and even take some time in the garden helping to choose what to plant and harvest next! Students will get to make their own cookbook, complete with drawings and helpful tips, that they will take home at the end of each semester.

4-7: Food Around the World

Older students will be excited to experience learning about and tasting recipes both local and from countries around the world! Utilizing our very own garden, kids will begin to develop an in-depth understanding of the ingredients we use and where they come from. Special guests will introduce us to recipes from their own cultures, and students will also be able to bring their favorite ideas from home for us to try! Everyone will get to take home their very own handmade cookbook at the end of the semester.

Cori is experienced with students with a variety of dietary needs and is ready to make sure everyone is safe, healthy, and excited to try something new! Learn more about Cori here!

Thriving in The Garden Program

Have you ever grown your own leafy greens, tomatoes, squash, plums, cherries, pomegranate or watermelon? Have you ever seen a grafted apple tree that produces different species of apples on a single tree? Through our Thriving in the Garden program students can experience all the abundance we have to offer and learn age appropriate garden skills! These classes will be co-taught by Allison and Ramiro (Reach’s gardener extraordinaire). Students will learn to grow and care for edible plants, taste different varieties of edible plants and gain hands-on garden experience on maintaining a thriving garden.

K-3: The Basics of Gardening. Grades K-3 students will learn the basics of gardening, seed planting, watering, plant needs, plant parts and common identification. Other skills include: safety skills, tool usage and garden exploration through our senses.

4-8: Beyond the Basics: Grade 4-8 students will expand on garden basics and will have the opportunity to learn about in-depth soil science and testing, garden design, work in our greenhouses, learn about irrigation, propagation, and harvesting for cooking and food bank donations. 

Learn more about Allison and Ramiro here!


Media Courses

K-3 Animation 

How do we make still objects look like they are moving? What expressions tell us how a character is feeling? And how do we show that with just a pair of googly eyes and some playdough? Join Angie Powers for a weekly exploration of animation skills. These skills will build a student’s sense of confidence in telling stories, creating the images they see in their mind’s eye and sharing them with others. At the completion of this course, students will show their work off to family and friends at our own community film festival! 

4-7  Pixar in a Box:

 How do we take our own experiences and turn them into universally understood stories we can share with the world? In this class, learners will work through the Pixar in a Box curriculum, developing their sense of story, character, obstacle and how to communicate the ineffable qualities that make stories universal. We end this semester with a table read of completed projects. For learners who want to take their scripts into production next semester, this course will be followed by film production and/or digital animation depending on interest. 

8-12: Creating the Short Film

What does a producer do? A writer? A cinematographer? How does digital animation work? How many short films can you make in a month?  In this class, we will explore the many different forms of short film production, using students’ own projects as a springboard into the production process.  We wrap up the year with an in-person film festival to show off your creative work!

All media classes are taught by Angie Powers, filmmaker and life long learner. Learn more about Angie here!


Community Building and Leadership: K-3, 4-8

A sense of belonging, connection with others, caring for communities at large, working together and being able to express your authentic self is inherent in being human. Our Community Building and Leadership class focuses on just that. In this class, we will work towards and learn about how to create a safe, respectful, caring, diverse, collaborative community where everyone’s voice matters. Allison’s background as a Restorative Specialist using Restorative Practices will be utilized throughout our class.  Students will build on their social-emotional learning skills through Circling up.

K-3: All About Community: Grade K-3 will learn to work collaboratively, about concepts of being in a community, build on communication skills, participate in the Circle practice, art expression, connection games, mindfulness activities, and community activism.

4-8: Community Building & Leadership Skills: Grades 4-8 will learn leadership skills and how to be community leaders, participate in the Circle practice, art expression, connection games, mindfulness activities, participate in community activism, learn about mentorship. 



Kaleidoscope Club (LGBTQ+ Club), High School Students – Free and Open to Youth

Are you a part of the LGBTQ+ community and/or an ally who is looking for a supportive community to be a part of? REACH is offering an LGBTQ+ club space and resource for local high school students to be a part of, to co-create, and to have fun! Kaleidoscope Club is a safe and supportive space to discuss unique LGBTQ+ challenges, take on leadership roles within the club, a place for expansive discussions on topics like gender and inclusivity as well as the opportunity to create educational LGBTQ+ resources to be shared with each other and the greater community. We’ll also learn about LGBTQ+ history and empowerment through film, media, inspirational figures, etc.  


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The REACH Program is a center focused on creating an engaging learning environment and encouraging children’s growth and leadership through a variety of arts, nature, and community-based activities.

REACH was founded as a Charter School in 2009, over time we have moved campuses and finally found our home here at the farm on Watertrough Road. As the landscape of education has changed these last few years, we have turned our attention to providing enrichment for any student in the community who needs the space, guidance, and materials to do something amazing!

On Mondays through Wednesdays, we offer time with experienced educators sharing their skills in music, theater, gardening, cooking, leadership, media and more! Our facilities include an ever-growing media lab, a campus-wide garden with dozens of fruit trees and vegetables, multiple indoor and outdoor performance spaces, and beautiful natural scenery to explore.





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